Disgaea RPG Tier List (May 2021)

individual tier list

Individual Tier List This tier list demonstrates the units on an individual basis, the ability for them to be a successful and useful carry threat solo. S+ Tier S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier Awakened RozalinTyrant Valvatorez LaharlValvatorezDescoLaharl-ChanPure SicilyFuka KiliaSanta LaharlUsaliaAsuka CranekickRozalinMajin EtnaPure FlonneMs. RaspberylMarjoritaDark ArtinaSapphire MaoEtnaFlonneSeraphinaAttired RozalinSicilyRaspberylNoelAxelZerokenArtinaRainierAlmazFenrichLove OracleEmizelAyameMaoBloodisEaster Mao ThursdayGordonJenniferMid-BossKurtisFubukiRed MagnusVirungaBarbaraXenolith Team … Read more

Disgaea RPG Banner Tier List & Banner Schedule

earth defender banner

Banners in Disgaea RPG is the gacha part of the game. This is where you can “pull” or summon limited-time characters that are in-line with the current event in Disgaea RPG. This banner tier list and guide will help you decide if you should “pull” in the on-going banners so you can optimize spending your … Read more

Disgaea RPG Leveling Guide

solo leveling

You can level up fast and efficiently in Disgaea RPG by doing stage missions, EXP gates, passing the 1.5x exp bill in Dark Assembly, and optimizing innocents for your equipment. The reason you want to level up fast early on is that you want to clear more content of Disgaea RPG. You want to get … Read more

Disgaea RPG Weapon Mastery

This weapon mastery guide will talk about weapon affinity, mastery, and what do you get from weaponizing your character to the best of their ability. What is weapon mastery? Weapon mastery is basically the cap level for a character when they are acquired into your account. Whatever rarity you character may have, they all have … Read more

Disgaea RPG Auto Reincarnation Guide

Auto reincarnation lets you reincarnate your character automatically. It is very useful when doing the EXP gate combined with 1.5x exp multiplier from DA. What it does is, stop EXP from being wasted meaning your character will be automatically reincarnated after it hit the level cap required before reincarnating. Auto reincarnation costs the same materials … Read more

How To Pronounce Disgaea?

Recently, I’ve made a poll in Disgaea RPG Facebook groups and Disgaea RPG subreddit. I asked the community how to pronounce disgaea. The choices from the polls are: Dis-GUY-uh Dis-GAY-uh Dis-GEE-uh Dis-GEE What are the results? How to pronounce Disgaea? Surprisingly, Dis-GUY-ah wins by a landslide. People are pointing in this YouTube trailer where the … Read more