Disgaea RPG Auto Reincarnation Guide

Auto reincarnation lets you reincarnate your character automatically. It is very useful when doing the EXP gate combined with 1.5x exp multiplier from DA. What it does is, stop EXP from being wasted meaning your character will be automatically reincarnated after it hit the level cap required before reincarnating. Auto reincarnation costs the same materials … Read more

How To Pronounce Disgaea?

Recently, I’ve made a poll in Disgaea RPG Facebook groups and Disgaea RPG subreddit. I asked the community how to pronounce disgaea. The choices from the polls are: Dis-GUY-uh Dis-GAY-uh Dis-GEE-uh Dis-GEE What are the results? How to pronounce Disgaea? Surprisingly, Dis-GUY-ah wins by a landslide. People are pointing in this YouTube trailer where the … Read more

Disgaea RPG Maintenance: April 27, 2021 2 AM to 5 AM (UTC-4)

disgaea prinny notice

As expected, Disgaea RPG mobile will be on maintenance in preparation of the new event named Snow Melody Rice Cake Festival Event. According to the official announcement, the game will have content update regarding the main story, character gate, story, and New Year limited pack. Here’s the exact announcement. Content Update Netherworld History DISGAEA EP9-final … Read more

Snow Melody Rice Cake Festival Event Guide in Disgaea RPG

snow melody rice cake festival event

Event Duration Snow Melody Rice Cake Festival event will start right after the Magical Holy Night event. Just like the previous event, it will also last two weeks. Duration: April 27, 2021 up to May 12, 2021 Event procedure Challenge stage Clear and collect event points PT Gain PT from missions Consume PT in the … Read more

Shining Reincarnation Gems Farming Guide

Shining Reincarnation Gems are the main materials that is used in Reincarnation, the process of increasing the max level of a character while making them stronger. You need to reincarnate your character every 100 levels and you can keep reincarnating them until level 9999. You can also use shining reincarnation gems while using auto reincarnation. … Read more

Prism Rangers Farming Guide

prism rangers

Prism Rangers are like “Power Rangers” but on a smaller version (pun intended). Why would you farm Prism Rangers? EXP Gate Tank. Prism Rangers are very tanky in EXP gate. Good supportive cast for Desco. When you and friend Desco have 20sp cost AOE you can run 3 indigo rangers then on the first turn … Read more