Disgaea RPG Auto Reincarnation Guide

Auto reincarnation lets you reincarnate your character automatically. It is very useful when doing the EXP gate combined with 1.5x exp multiplier from DA.

What it does is, stop EXP from being wasted meaning your character will be automatically reincarnated after it hit the level cap required before reincarnating.

Auto reincarnation costs the same materials as doing manual reincarnation. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this mechanic.

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How to Get Auto Reincarnation?

You can unlock auto reincarnation via Dark Assembly. You need to submit and pass a bill to use auto reincarnation.

How to unlock auto reincarnation?

You can unlock auto reincarnation through the main story. You need to finish episode 7 of the main story to unlock auto reincarnation.

How to Use Auto Reincarnation?

  • Just before the “BATTLE” button, when you can see your team or change it before fighting.
  • On the “Confirm Battle” screen, you have a “Switch” option to see others options available.
  • From there, you will see at the bottom of every member of your current team “Auto: Off”.

How Auto Reincarnation Can Help You in Leveling?

You can run EXP gates with the 1.5 xp multplier and bypass the manual reincarnation.

Basically, all the excess XP from that stage will carry over into the following run. This is something that could gain you a couple of hundred levels every single time you hit that level cap.

This is very helpful since you’re not quite sure what amount of EXP you’re wasting and in the early stages of the new rank is very low to rank up.

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Using Auto Reincarnation Efficiently

To keep things balance, you should keep in mind that:

  • As much as possible, don’t use reincarnate too much. There are instances that you just reincarnate and you have no gates to run, your character will have a very hard time for the whole day because you just leveled down again.
  • Use and toggle the before the battle to switch auto reincarnation on and off.


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