Disgaea RPG Dark Assembly Guide

Dark Assembly is where you can get bonus buffs from the list of ‘bills’ that you need to pass via voting process. You can get bonus buffs like additional exp or additional HL for a period of time.

Dark assembly process
Just like in a Senate, you will pass the bill if you won the voting.

Dark Assembly works like this:

  • Select bill
  • Increase success rate by using “bribe”.
  • Voting process starts
  • Then the result. This can be passed or rejected which is represented by “yea” or “nay”.

Note: New bills will be unlocked as you progress through the story mode.

restore assembly points
Alternatively, you can buy more assembly points by spending 50 Nether Quartz (NE).

Assembly points are consumed as you pass the bill regardless if it passed or rejected. You have a maximum of 100 assembly points that will replenish whenever the server resets.

Dark Assembly Bills to Prioritize

After you unlocked Dark Assembly, you should prioritize these bills first:

  • Increase RQ Shop Customer Rank. This should be your #1 priority because this will raise the customer rank in the Rosen Queen Shop. Higher customer rank means better equipment. Plus, you’re most likely have a higher chance of passing this bill this early.
  • 1.5x EXP from battle in 30 mins. This game has a level 9999 cap, this means you will spend most of your time grinding for levels and equipment. Good items are in the hard mode and later part of the game. You can also combine the 1.5x EXP boost with the EXP gate to maximize the experience points.

As you progress through the story, always check if you can raise your rank in Dark Assembly.

You can also pair the 1.5x EXP boost after you reincarnate your character. Pro tip: use auto reincarnate whenever you level your character or boost other party members in EXP gate so no EXP is wasted.

Use the EXP boost, HL, boost and 2x drop rate in EXP Gate and HL gate. Tip: Pass the exp, hl and 2x drop boost bills at the end of the day before the server resets. The effect will continue on the next day on top of the fresh bills.

Don’t get the character rename bill yet, you can always use this after you unlock all the important bills.

Here’s the full list of bills in Dark Assembly

BillRequired PtsDescription
Rename a Generic Character20You can change the name of one generic character
1.5x EXP from battle in 30 mins50Increase the character EXP earned for 30 minutes by 1.5 times
1.5x HL from battle in 30 mins50Increase the acquisition HL of 30 minutes battle by 1.5 times
2x Drop Rate from battle in 30 mins50Double the reward drop rate for 30 minutes and Increased chance of getting a treasure chest in battle
Increase RQ Shop Customer Rank~ 20
Shop customer rank increases by 1
100Obtain the base background (Magic Evil Academy)
100Obtain the base background (Hollt Village)
100Obtain the base background (hell prison)
100Obtain the base background (mini demon world)
100Obtain base BGM (Extreme_Outlaw)
100Obtain base BGM (Wonder_Castle)
100Obtain base BGM (Candlelight)
100Obtain base BGM (Movin_On)

Auto Reincarnate

Auto reincarnate in Disgaea RPG lets you put a check next to any character you want to reincarnate automatically.

Reincarnation is a mechanic where your character needs to undergo reincarnation every 100 levels using reincarnation stone. What it does is, prevents you from wasting EXP points when you are leveling your character.

This is a huge time saver for players because they don’t need to go to Mao’s lab to reincarnate.

How to unlock auto reincarnate?

You can unlock auto reincarnate during episode 7 of the main story.

Use Bribe to Increase the Chance of Passing the Bill

items that are used to bribe in dark assembly
These are the items used to bribe. Bribe items will be consumed once the voting begins.

The result of the bill can go either way – passed or rejected. To increase your chance of passing the bill, you need to bribe the “senators”.

Bribes can also be used to subdue innocents in the item world.

Check the affinity of every “senator”. This is important so you can decide which “senators” you need to bribe.

The affinities that you should look for are “pretty favorable”, “almost certainly” and “feeling the love…”

You should be careful if majority of the “senators” have the affinity of “less hope”. This is where you give them a bribe, you should also aim the high-level member of the panel.

Pro tip #1: Spend your bribing items properly. Just focus on bribing the stronger members (those with higher stars and stats) than the low level members.

Pro tip #2: If you feed the two 5* with a gold bar and a miso for the negative one and a miso for the neutral one, your votes are likely to pass

How to get Bribe items?

There are three types of bribe materials that you can give:

Item NameEffectPriceWhere to get
Golden CandyIncrease the affinity of senators and innocents by a little.5,000 HL
Gold BarsModerately increase the affinity of senators and innocents25,000 HL
Crab MisoGreatly increase the affinity of senators and innocents
Nether Quartz x 50RQ shop

Crab Miso is the most effective bribe. You can purchase it in the RQ shop for 50 Nether Quartz, which you can obtain on the story missions or purchase with real money.