Disgaea RPG Maintenance: April 27, 2021 2 AM to 5 AM (UTC-4)

As expected, Disgaea RPG mobile will be on maintenance in preparation of the new event named Snow Melody Rice Cake Festival Event.

According to the official announcement, the game will have content update regarding the main story, character gate, story, and New Year limited pack.

Here’s the exact announcement.

Content Update

  • Netherworld History DISGAEA EP9-final EP
  • The 26th-30th floor has been added to Overlord’s Tower
  • Character Gate「The Advent of Majin Etna」
  • Main Story Exp*1.5

Story Event

  • The Enemy is Mirror Cake!? Snow Melody Rice Cake Festival
  • [Summon] New Character! Nether New Year Summon!
  • DISGAEA New Year limited pack

Update Rewards

The compensation will be sent to your in-game gift box after the maintenance.

  • Compensation Content: Nether Quartz (Free) x500

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