Prism Rangers Farming Guide

Prism Rangers are like “Power Rangers” but on a smaller version (pun intended).

Why would you farm Prism Rangers?

  • EXP Gate Tank. Prism Rangers are very tanky in EXP gate.
  • Good supportive cast for Desco. When you and friend Desco have 20sp cost AOE you can run 3 indigo rangers then on the first turn just normal ATK with Desco’s then triple prism ranger ATK buff and both Desco’s press AOE 3 times each to one-shot the waves.
  • Cheaper alternative over Usalia. You could just run a prism ranger for a cheaper investment over Usalia. Though they’re not as cute as Usalia…
  • Prism Rangers buffs stacks and can mesh with other buffs within the party.
  • Like Prinnies, Prism Rangers also act as “fodders” or sacrifice for the Awakening Process in Disgaea RPG, the process to increase stars and attributes of your character.
  • Useful evility. Some players are using Prism Rangers as their main party members to clear Disgaea RPG content.
  • You’ve got friends. Who needs friends when you have Prism Rangers, right?

Here are some notable evility to consider before making these rangers as a fodder:

  • Prism Indigo – Ally with the highest action gauge: ATK + 15% when Prism Indigo turn ends (2 turns). Passive ATK buff.
  • Prism Orange – Humanoid allies: DEF +6%. Passive def buff.
  • Prism White – Ally with the lowest action gauge: DEF +15% when Prism White turn begins (2 turns).
  • Prism Blue – Humanoid allies: SPD +4%
  • Prism Purple – Humanoid allies: RES +6%
  • Prism Black – Enemy with the highest action gauge: Action guage -60 when Prism Black turn begins.
  • Prism Pink – ally with the lowest action gauge: Action gauge +60 when Prism Pink turn begins.
  • Prism Yellow – Humanoid allies: DEF +6%

Best Map to Farm Prism Rangers in Disgaea RPG Mobile

DifficultyEpisodeAreaStage NameUnit DropShining Gem Drop Chance
Hard45Love is PowerPrism BlackLvl 1, Lvl 2, Lvl 3
Normal25Vs the Dark SunPrism Black
Hard55Tyrant Vs HeroPrism Blue
Normal35The Culmination of LovePrism Blue
Easy15The Final AssaultPrism Blue
Hard75DISGAEA VPrism Green
Easy35The Culmination of LovePrism Green
Normal55Tyrant Vs HeroPrism Green
Hard15The Final AssaultPrism IndigoLvl 1
Easy65After the History LessonPrism Indigo
Normal75DISGAEA VPrism Orange
Easy55Tyrant Vs HeroPrism Orange
Normal25Vs the Dark SunPrism Pink
Easy75DISGAEA VPrism Pink
Hard65After the History LessonPrism Purple
Easy45Love is PowerPrism Purple
Hard35The Culmination of LovePrism White
Normal15The Final AssaultPrism White
Hard65After the History LessonPrism Yellow
Normal45Love is PowerPrism Yellow
Easy25Vs the Dark SunPrism Yellow


Don’t just use these Prism Rangers as fodder. Sometimes take time to think if their stats or skill effects can benefit your main party at a certain stage or event of the game.

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