Disgaea RPG Daily Tips Guide by Ryuuu

You can find the original version of this guide in this document by ryuuu. I got his permission to post his Disgaea RPG daily tips so all credits goes to him. You can send him a message in Discord if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: This is simply advice and suggestions from ordinary members of the Disgaea RPG discord server. It is not meant to be an exact guide forcing you to do something. And some parts could be wrong. 

Ultimately, it is up to you how you want to play the game. Feel free to play the game however you wish.

Link to the Disgaea RPG Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MNEsxez 

Server Daily Reset Time

The server reset is at 00:00 (12 AM) UTC-4, also known as ET (EST/EDT which is apparently interchangeable).. (The -4 of UTC-4 is important)

Here is a site that shows the timer for UTC-4:


You can also use this site to convert UTC-4 to your own timezone: 

Daily Checklist

In this section, here are some things to do or check before server reset happens.

Part 1: Free/Non-stamina Checks

  • Use all of your 5 free shop resets. If you are lucky, you can get a legendary item to show up.
  • Use your daily freeroll. (In the summons)
  • Claim sardines from friends and send sardines to friends. 
    • If you have a lot of time before reset, you don’t have to claim the sardines immediately. Use it when convenient.
    • One sardine = One AP
  • Check the Nether Hospital for the Doping Roulette
    • It isn’t tied to reset because it recharges every 8 hours (I think), but the cooldown doesn’t reactivate until it is used.
    • Free AP is free AP.
  • Make sure your characters have their proper kits before doing a 30-minute bill. It helps to save time
    • Example: Sometimes I remove all other skills except for AOE on my Noel for when I auto item world. So when I do a 2x XP bill, I would equip the skills first, and then do the bill instead of the other way around.

Part 2: Stamina and Currency Usage

  • Use your Dark Assembly points (unless you plan to use it later.)
  • Claim your daily mission rewards from the mission screen.
    • If there is an event ongoing, check the event to claim your event daily missions too.
  • Buy the bribe items for HL in the shop and the 50% AP potion.
    • They may seem a bit expensive, but pretty worth it if used properly.
    • You can buy the Skip Tickets if you wish. Personally, I need them when I skip reincarnation gates with thieves.
  • Get your 1 daily lottery ticket from the shop
    • You only need to buy 10 items to get a ticket, so buying 10 bribe items is enough to get the ticket
  • Use all of your tries in the Dark Gate to the point you are content with
    • I won’t tell you how many times to do it in this checklist. But just double check to make sure you are fine with the daily reset that is coming

Disgaea RPG Daily Reset Strategies

Side Note: You can find how much time you have left on a 30 minute buff by checking the timer right beneath your AP gauge. Here is what it looks like:

How much time left on a 30 minute buff.
The timer is found below your AP guage.

Also, you can activate the 30 minute 1.5x/2x xp, HL, or drop rate bills before reset happens and it continues after reset. 

Example: A 30 minute bill started at 23:45 will continue until 00:15 the next day, (in terms of server reset)

Side Note: At the bottom of this guide, there is a spreadsheet by Meow that organizes all of the units that help with drops, HL, or XP.

Reincarnation Materials

You could use the 1.5x/2x drop rate bill from the Dark Assembly. If your drop rate buffing characters are strong enough, bring them into the Reincarnation Gates. If they are too weak, then you could use Skip Tickets instead. 

In addition, if you need a lot more materials, you could use Gate Keys (a maximum of 5 per day per gate) to get more tries in the Reincarnation Gates.

For those Shining Reincarnation Gems, remember that they drop from both the Human and Monster reincarnation gates. (FYI the first reincarnation gate doesn’t drop them). (Also, there are different levels on these gems)

shining reincarnation gems
These things are annoying to farm for.

Character XP

You could use the 1.5x/2x XP for 30 minutes bill in the Dark Assembly. 

Use your items that increase XP gain for the characters you want to build.

  • Check your other items to see if you have more XP gain innocents
    • I have a few extra XP boosting innocents in random gear, so I took them out and added them to some legendary equipment that I use on my main (Ryu)
  • This can especially apply for when you use Skip Tickets, as your character stats won’t matter as much. 

If you have the stats to easily survive the fishes in the XP Gates, then you can try using lift and tower attacks.

Read also: Disgaea RPG EXP Table List and Disgaea RPG Leveling Guide

This allows for all of the units in the tower to get bonus XP for kills.

  • Note: This may end up consuming more time, so if you have a 30 minute 1.5/2 times XP bill activated, be aware of how much time you have left and what you plan to do.
  • Alternatively, if you have the stats to do so and are a bit too lazy to do tower attacks, you can try doing normal attacks and hope a team attack happens.
    • When an enemy is defeated with a team attack, all units involved in the team attack will get bonus XP (and some SP).

If you still have time left on that 30 minute bonus XP bill, then tackle weaker gates if you want. You could use lower gates to build some other units (non-fodder) you plan to use later.

Alternatively, you could go to some higher difficulty story stages or event stages to gain some xp tool. Gotta make the full use of that xp bill 🙂

If you have no AP left, but still have time, you could either use the bonus 150 AP from your daily missions (the reward shows up in mail), use an AP potion, or go to the item world (Item world uses no AP). 

  • I’d use the 150 AP (if I plan to use more AP) first because it is a static amount. It will remain 150 AP no matter how far you are in the story. The effectiveness of AP potions are dependent on your max AP, and you are able to increase the AP cap. Therefore, use your 150 AP bonus (unless you don’t plan on using that much extra AP) before you use the AP potions. (Ryu)

HL, the basic currency

Not much to say. 

To get HL, the primary source is the HL Gates.

You can boost HL gain with the Dark Assembly bill.

There are certain characters whose +1 evility gives bonus HL to drop, such as Seraphina (4 star) and Nether Nobles (3 stars)

There are also innocents that increase HL gain, so be sure to equip items with the HL boosting innocents for more HL.

Dark Assembly

Aka DA (to make things quicker to read)

It is recommended to use bills that fit your goals.

  • For more xp, use xp bills
  • For more HL, use HL bills
  • For more drops, use drop rate bills.

If you run out of points but want to pass more bills, don’t worry. You can get more DA points by using Nether Quartz. The conversion rate from Quartz to AP is one quartz for 2 AP points… so…

  • 50 Quartz for 100 DA points (max)
  • 25 Quartz for 50 DA points
  • 1 quartz for 2 DA points

Make sure you have enough bribe items to pass the bills. It would suck to spend Quartz or even 100 DA points to attempt to pass a bill, but you forgot to stock up on more bribe items.

You can get 5 low tier bribes and 5 middle tier bribes in the item shop for HL each day. 

  • 25k HL for all 5 low tier bribes
  • 50k for all 5 middle tier bribes
  • These costs are relatively cheap if you do the HL gates daily.

Special Units to Help with Progression

dark assembly table
You can find the whole list in the spreadsheet link below.

Fun Fact: Meow has a lot of nice spreadsheets. It’s not all “daily tips” related, but there’s lots of good info.
This is the link:


Or, a shorter link is tiny.cc/disgaea

Special thanks to Meow for that spreadsheet.

Also thanks to the members of the Disgaea RPG public server for all the fun convos I had. I managed to amass a lot of the info I got by asking questions and reading chats. Thanks to that, I know a decent amount about the game, so I’m made this guide to help return the favor ~Ryu

On a special side note, I’ve recently seen some members who have been sad or angry that they wasted their resources or didn’t do things efficiently. At least now you know better and can improve. Don’t be disheartened by the people who have characters thousands of levels above you. There’s a lot of strategy that can go into DRPG and there are many mechanics, so it’s understandable to not know much about the game.

Good luck in your grind, everyone. Hope you can stick around and continue to play the game 🙂

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