Disgaea RPG Innocent Guide

In the Disgaea RPG series, innocents are most commonly used as a power boost to scale your equipment.

You can check the innocents that you own in Innocent List, including their type and status. Innocents have various effects, which means the higher the rarity, the stronger the effect.

Innocent Status

Innocents in Disgaea RPG are divided into two category:

subdued innocent
You can see the effects of subdued innocents immediately.
unsubdued innocent
Unsubdued innocent has a red monster like icon and often filled with question marks.
  1. Subdued Innocent
    • Effects activated
    • Effects displayed
    • Available to transfer
  2. Unsubdued Innocent
    • Effects NOT activated
    • Effects NOT displayed
    • NOT available to transfer

Innocent Farming in Disgaea RPG

Why do you want to farm innocents?

Unlike gear early on in the game, you’re not going to outgrow innocence because innocents scale items so as you grow and get more powerful items, your innocents are still going to be useful to you, unlike your early game weapons that you’re going to sell.

Contrary to player’s opinion, innocents DO NOT boost the character. Innocents boost the item they are on, and the only exception is the EXP boost and HL gain (if HL gain exists). Other than that innocents primarily boost the equipment and not the character.

Farming Innocents

Before learning how to farm innocents, you need to know where what innocents you got and what innocents you should target.

You also need to make sure that the “Item World” is unlocked. You can easily unlock the Item World by completing Episode 2: “Let’s take out the trash” of the main story. Finishing the easy mode will do.

Where can I check the innocent list?

To check the list of your innocents, simply go to Party -> Innocent list. You can find it in the rightmost part of the list.

In the innocent list, you can see all the innocents that you have get in-game.

You can also see those that ‘inhabit’ your equipment and those that are stored in the warehouse. As mentioned above, only Subdued Innocent can display its effect i.e., ATK increases 1%, EXP increases 2%, etc.

Innocent Rarity

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legend

Innocent Category and Effects Table

Physical InnocentIncrease ATK, Increase DEF
BrainsIncrease INT, Increase RES
FoundationIncrease HP, Increase SPD
AmbitionIncrease EXP, Increase HL

What Innocents you should target?

The innocents that you should target depends on the strategy that you want to use. This depends on your style and gameplay.

Innocent Farming via Item World

To farm innocent, you need to select the item that you want to focus on. It will lead you to the battle area where you can subdue the innocent effect.

Item World is the main area that you can farm your innocents on.

You can use auto-subdue but it is more efficient to use your gems and you might end up killing the innocent. After you reach the final boss, you will have an option to bribe to guarantee the innocent.

I suggest using the auto mode. The game will automatically pause in case you encounter an innocent.

However, items that are used in bribing are not farmable. These are major resources that you want to hold onto. It is better to use bribing in Dark Assembly.

Affinity rate. This the RNG where it tells you your chance of subduing the innocent.

What to do after your subdued all of the innocent effects of the item?

  • If you want to use the item with its innocent effects, then leave it and just equip it with your character.
  • If you want to use the innocent into another item, simply use the “Innocent Transfer” feature. Scroll down to learn how to do it.


  • The rarity of an item doesn’t dictate what innocents you are able to get from that item.
  • Do not disregard common items. Some of these common items have Legendary innocents in them so make sure to check them one by one before selling the common items.
  • Seeing all your items can help you farm innocents more efficiently. I.e., you need a specific boost like physical damage. So check all of your items regularly.
  • Saving a lot of innocents can help you late in the game. You’re gonna need a lot of those to clear more content of the game.
  • Buy 10 random items in the store everyday. The main reason for doing this is to check if these items have useful innocents inhabited that we can farm.
    • If you’re lucky to get legendary items from the shop, good. These items will give you more room to farm more innocents.
    • Sell the unnecessary items afterward.

You can watch the whole innocent farming guide here.

Optimizing Innocents

It is important to optimize your innocents to maximize the effects for your character. The end goal is to get all the rare and legends innocents and put it in your equipment.

And to do that, you’re gonna need a lot of innocents and HL because transferring innocents is not cheap.

If you noticed the innocents inside Sturdy Eggshell, there are small red “x” or “lines” that is telling you that the innocent is currently activated. You can also tell that the innocent is working because the effect has EXP Gained +20%.

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To optimize your innocents in your weapon or armor, you need to use innocent boost based on your equipment. Here’s an example:

Item #1 Growth Sword


  • ATK – 260
  • RES – 0
  • HP – 0
  • INT – 0
  • DEF – 0
  • SPD – 0

Let’s say you have all of the innocents that is available in-game (which you don’t btw.) How do you optimize your innocents with Growth Sword?


Put all your ATK innocent boosts in the Growth Sword POP. This way, you will maximize the ATK damage and percentage. Do not insert RES, INT, HP, DEF, SPD related innocents because they will provide you nothing. But EXP boost innocents is also a good idea if you don’t have much ATK innocents.

Item #2 Muscle Dream


  • ATK – 0
  • RES – 0
  • HP – 178,112
  • INT – 0
  • DEF – 0
  • SPD – 0

How do you optimize your innocents with Growth Sword?


Put all your HP increase innocents inside muscle! You will have massive amount of HP and it will maximize the HP stat of your Muscle Dream.

You need to understand two things:

  • When they’re ON a weapon, and your character is using that weapon, they will get the innocent boosts.
  • However, if your character is USING a weapon, it will not benefit from the innocent boosts.

Innocent Transfer Process

You can transfer the subdued innocent to other equipment or warehouse. It’s free on the first time but it costs HL to remove the locked status on the second transfer and so on.

To start the innocent transfer process:

  1. Select the “Innocent Transfer” button
  2. Select where to transfer
  3. To the warehouse
  4. Set other Innocent
This is the innocent transfer process.

Things to remember when transferring Innocents.

  • The cost is directly proportional to the rarity of innocents. The higher the rarity, the higher is the cost to transfer.
  • POP is the term used for “slots” in Disgaea RPG. These are the number of slots that can hold and Innocent.
Innocent POP image

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