Disgaea RPG Gate of EXP Calculator

gate of exp

Gate of EXP is a stage inside Dark Gates. This stage can give you huge amount of EXP that you need to level your character faster.

You’re only allowed to clear each level inside Gate of EXP for a limited numbers. However, you can unlock these limitations by using Gate Key.

How to use the Gate of EXP Calculator?

To use the calculator, you only need to modify the values of the yellow box or cell. You can see the original Gate of EXP calculator in this document.

Here’s the the explanation of each input field of the EXP calculator:

  • Enter unit’s current level – this is your Overlord’s current level. You can find your character’s level on the
  • Enter unit’s desired level – input the level that you want to achieve. The maximum level is 9999 but you need to reincarnate your character every 100 levels or so.
  • Enter any EXP bonus % – the exp bonus that your party has. This bonus can be from the innocents or your party member’s passive skill.
  • Enter highest Gate of EXP unlocked – this is the number of levels that you unlocked in Gate of EXP. You can unlock more levels by clearing the next stage. The higher the level, the higher the EXP.

You can use the Gate of EXP calculator below.

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