How To Pronounce Disgaea?

Recently, I’ve made a poll in Disgaea RPG Facebook groups and Disgaea RPG subreddit. I asked the community how to pronounce disgaea.

The choices from the polls are:

  • Dis-GUY-uh
  • Dis-GAY-uh
  • Dis-GEE-uh
  • Dis-GEE

What are the results? How to pronounce Disgaea?

Surprisingly, Dis-GUY-ah wins by a landslide. People are pointing in this YouTube trailer where the voice actor can be heard pronouncing Dis-GUY-uh.

Followed by Dis-GAY-uh, people are making a case on how this is how it was pronounced. There are notable comments from the Facebook group saying:

  • Deez-Gah-EE-uh
  • Dis-GA-HAY-A, pronouncing it in French
disgaea rpg facebook group poll
The amount of engagement in this poll is overwhelming.


It is fun to know that DIsgaea RPG players are pronouncing it differently. Different language with different accents definitely affects how it is pronounced.

Regardless of how it is pronounced, we can all agree that we love Disgaea RPG despite the RNG Gods are not favoring us in our pulls.

1 thought on “How To Pronounce Disgaea?”

  1. Here in Brazil, before I know how to pronounce, I was speaking “Disguéa”, this “É” here, it’s like the “e” In the word “echo”.


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