Disgaea RPG Customer Rank

You can increase your customer rank by passing a bill in Dark Assembly. However, you may hit a roadblock and might be wondering why I can’t increase my customer rank anymore?

This happens because you haven’t cleared the required episodes yet. The table below shows you which part of the main story and its difficulty to unlock more customer rank.

Customer RankMain Story to Clear
Rank 17Easy 7-4
Rank 18Normal 2-3
Rank 19Normal 4-5
Rank 20Normal 5-5
Rank 21Normal 6-4
Rank 22Normal 7-4
Rank 23Normal 8-5
Rank 24Normal 9-5
Rank 25Normal 10-4
Rank 26Normal 10-5
Rank 27Hard 6-5
Rank 28Hard 7-2
Rank 29Hard 8-5
Rank 30Hard 10-5

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