Disgaea RPG Item World Guide (Complete Tutorial)

Why do you want to grind the item world in Disgaea RPG? Aside from farming for your items via boss drops, you want to grind the item world to level up your equipment to get better stats and to farm innocents for better passives.

How to go to the Item World?

You can find the Item World by clicking Dimension Gate and scroll until you find the “Item World”.

The Item World Guide

Item World is pretty self-explanatory. You’re gonna pick the item that you want to level up or subdue innocent and then you have the option to auto it.

you can bribe innocents to get higher affinity
The higher the affinity, the higher chance of securing innocents in Item World

Free way to level up your items

The good thing about item world is that it doesn’t consume AP, the mechanic equivalent to stamina in other mobile games.

This is the free and cost-effective way to level up your items and get some exp as well. The best time to do item world farming is when you consume all of your AP doing other content in Disgaea RPG mobile.

Auto Advance and Auto Subdue

Auto advance is literally auto advancing the stage without doing anything. The only time the auto advance will pause is when you faced with an innocent.

While auto subdue can be used when you have “subdue tickets” to automatically subdue the innocents.

Having both options can get your team into “auto farming” mode. But you need to be careful as you proceed with higher levels, there are stronger enemies with high levels can team-wipe your whole party.

You can read the whole innocent farming guide here.

Item World Bosses

There are three types of bosses in the Item World:

  • Item General – appears every 10 levels and up
  • Item King – appears every 30 levels and up
  • Item God – appears every 100 levels and up

At this moment of the game, item level 100 is the maximum level with legendary grade. The higher the boss type is, the higher chance it will drop a chest of either common, rare, or legendary grade item.

These chests may have higher rarity on what you current customer rank at. This will come into play in much later stage of the game as it is a great way to farm for better equipment.

How to guarantee a chest when fighting a boss?

If you encounter a boss and you want to guarantee a chest drop, what you can do is to kill the boss and see what the drop is. If you don’t want the grade of the dropped equipment, you can try again by doing:

  • Click Menu
  • Click Give up and clicked yes to process
  • You might give up the stage but you will have an option to “retry”
retry trick to get higher grade equipment in item world
This simple trick can give you an option to retry the stage and fight the boss again. You might get higher grade equipment this time.

This simple trick will let you reset that stage and get a chance to kill the boss again to check if it will drop a piece of better grade equipment.

Another method to increase your chance to get legendary items is to use the thieves that you got early in the game. These thieves will increase the chest drop chance.

Alternative Ways to Get Your Items

The most practical way to get equipment is by purchasing items in the equipment shop. The higher your customer rank, the better tier the equipment will be on sale. You can level your customer in Dark Assembly.

Just like in other RPGs, Disgaea has tiers for equipment too like common, rare and legendary. The least expensive is the common while the most expensive is the legendary items.

The rarity of the items are determined by grades, so:

  • 30 to 39 is gonna be a common item
  • 40 to 69 will be rare
  • 70 to 100 is legendary

You can refresh the item list up to five times everyday for free and then it will cost you 10 Nether Quartz (NQ) per reset after you consume all of your free resets.

The rule of thumb is, the higher the rarity the stronger stats that item will have. You can also buy bribing items in the HL shop that you will use to bribe the innocents in the item world.

Check this YouTube video below for the full guide.

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