Disgaea RPG Leveling Guide

You can level up fast and efficiently in Disgaea RPG by doing stage missions, EXP gates, passing the 1.5x exp bill in Dark Assembly, and optimizing innocents for your equipment.

The reason you want to level up fast early on is that you want to clear more content of Disgaea RPG. You want to get the most and clear these events to get more rewards like Rainbow Prinny and unlock event characters.

How to level up in Disgaea RPG? How does it work?

EXP is the value given to each character each time the stage is cleared. All characters will receive EXP points after clearing the stage.

You need to understand that the character who defeated the enemy will receive extra EXP points. You can try to have one member in a party and solo level that character.

When you’re doing the stage missions, you probably noticed that you can do “lift” or “coordinated attack” where everyone who participates in the attack will be given exp points.

solo leveling
You have the option to use one character to level up. But please note that it doesn’t mean that you will get full exp for 5 party member as you will only get one.

Gate of EXP Gives the Highest Experience Points

Completing Gate of EXP as part of your daily routine can give you a huge amount of experience points. Make sure you are using the 1,5x exp bill from dark assembly and auto reincarnate so there’s no EXP wasted.

You can clear each stage 3x everyday. The higher the stage, the harder the enemies are. Is the next stage too much for you? Don’t worry, you can use the “gate keys” to unlock the cleared lower stages and challenge them again for experience points.

This is a great way to boost under leveled character that you get from the event or from summoning.

gate of exp
Gate of EXP is the most efficient way to get huge amount of EXP.

Pass the 1.5 EXP from Battle in 30 mins in Dark Assembly

dark assembly
This should be part of your daily routine.

In Dark Assembly, you can use the 50 “Assembly Points” to pass the bill and increase the EXP gained by 1.5x for 30 minutes.

assembly points
The cost of 1.5x exp bill is 50 assembly points.

Utilize the Character N.E Abilities and Innocents

Among the huge list of characters in Disgaea RPG, there are few that can give extra EXP when you Nether Enhancement them. N.E is a way to enhance characters by consuming identical ones. The character will have more stats and learn new skills and evilities in the N.E tab.

fallen angel fione
Fallen Angel Flonne has party exp +5% evility. You can unlock it after N.E 1

Early in the game, you will receive items that have EXP boost innocent in it. These are you main weapons and will definitely give huge exp bonus when equipped.

Check the Disgaea RPG Innocent Guide and Disgaea RPG Item World Guide (Complete Tutorial) to learn more about innocents and subduing the innocents in the item world.

innocent in equipment
EXP boost innocents are a great way to increase EXP while clearing the content in DIsgaea RPG.

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