Majin Etna Arrives Character Gate Guide

The character gate, Majin Etna Arrives, appears only for a limited time in Disgaea RPG. Collect Majin Etna fragments after completing the stage to earn 4-stars and receive Majin Etna.

Event flow

  • Go to the stage, dood!
  • Clear the stage to get “Shards of Majin Etna”
  • After collecting 4 Majin Etna fragments, 4-star Majin Etna can be summoned.

During this character gate event, you should keep in mind of the following:

  • It consumes the same AP as in normal ones to level up.
  • No companions allowed.
  • Depending on the difficulty of the mission, the drop rate of shards varies.
  • You can challenge this character three times per day. It will only count if you beat the stage. So if you failed to clear the stage, it will not count as one and you still have three times to complete it.
  • Despite the normal difficulty, a 1900 level enemy makes this event very difficult.
  • When the event expires, excess shards are stored as an item, till the next remake and will be available to use by then.
  • We can take over the excess “Majin Etna Fragment” at the next event.
  • Players who didn’t reach Shura or struggled at this event, let’s develop for the next event.
  • Geo-effects play a huge role in this gate. Make sure to use characters with positive geo-effects in your party.
  • When a character has weapon forte as [Guns] and [Monster Physical], their stats are doubled, so even if the level is a little low, they will still be powerful.

Majin Etna Character Gate Strategies

Preferred Overlords

  • Desco
  • Prism Ranger Indigo
  • Attired Rozalin
  • Laharl

Wave 1

Etna uses “Sleep +” in the first strike, starting the battle.

  • It is aimed for the character with the highest ATK in the party, and if there is no ally in the sleeping state, it is used again the next turn.
  • Also, Red Prinny will use “Mafuji +” for the character with the highest SPD if there is no ally in the forgotten state.
  • Balance the party members or adjust their equipment status appropriately so that the main character won’t be affected by the abnormal condition’s damage.
geo-effects guide

Wave 2~3

  • Red Prinny will use Mahuji + for the character in the forgotten state with the highest SPD, same as Wave 1.

Wave 4

Blue Prinny and Majin Etna behave depending on the buff and debuff conditions, and there are two types of behaviors that need special attention:

  • All allies that are in ATK buff state (power of friendship, etc.)
    • Genie Etna uses “Sexie Beam +”, Blue Prinny uses “Giga Cooldown +”
  • Single enemy is in DEF debuff state (Armor Break, etc.)
    • Genie Etna “Sexie Beam +”, Blue Prinny uses “Gigashield +”

If you use “Giga Cooldown +” and “Giga Shield +” in succession, the damage dealt will be 0 and it will be difficult to clear, so it is prohibited to use the corresponding technique.

To use ATK buffs and DEF debuffs, either clear the blue prinny first, or use an ATK buff such as Brave Heart.

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