Ms. Raspberyl’s Course on Chaos Event Guide in Disgaea RPG

Event Duration

Ms. Raspberyl’s Course on Chaos event will start right after the Nether Beauty Pageant.

Just like the previous event, it will also last two weeks. But in most cases, the event is extended for two to three days.

Duration: June 10, 2021 up to June 24, 2021

Event procedure

  • Challenge stage
  • Defeat enemies to get event
  • Gain PT from missions
  • Consume PT in the exchange to get items!

Event Notes

  • SE characters will not get bonus event PT by completing missions
  • Event points below zero will not be calculated
  • The PT sent to the gift is only valid during the event.
  • Within days after the end of the activity, you can continue to exchange the activity reward, but you can’t participate in the activity.

New character

asuka cranekick event

Event Outline

To give her students an opportunity to flex their prowess, Ms. Raspberyl gave them an exam. She thought they’d pass with flying colors like the Honor Students did, but instead, they all failed.

Furious over the test results, Ms. Raspberyl has prepared some hardcore lessons for her students

Event Strategy

The main strategy will be:

  • Utilizing characters with event points bonus. The bonuses will help increase the points so you can farm more efficiently.
  • Select characters with an event special effect as companion. On top of your party with event bonus, you can stack more bonuses by selecting companion with event bonus.
  • Complete daily missions everyday. Using your bonus-stacked-up-party.
  • Complete the event stage ASAP. This is to unlock the hard mode fast. You can get higher event points in the hard mode.

You can use AP potion that you get from the codes earlier to replenish your AP and clear more stages.

Farming Event Points

Event Bonus Character Units

These units will multiply the event points (PT) if used within the party or as a companion. The special effect bonus is really helpful in farming for event points so make sure to keep that in mind.

event bonus characters
CharacterSpecial Event Bonus
Kyoko Needleworker50%
Ms. Raspberyl50%
Asuka Cranekick20%
Tyrant Valvatorez20%
Pure Flonne20%

The “x” means multiplier. So 1.3x means 1.3 multiplier.

You can purchase Asuka Cranekick in the event exchange via PT.

Event point bonus from multiple featured characters stacks, but when your party contains multiple characters of the same name, their effect does not stack.

Event points earned from missions are not boosted by the featured characters.

The decimal part of the event points is discarded.

Note: In the EN version of Disgaea RPG, you can stack more than one character with a special event bonus. So you can stack 4 Kurtis in your party and get all the effect bonuses.

Stage Bonuses

There are stage bonuses that you can clear once a day. These stage bonuses will give bonus multipliers after you clear that stage. You can easily notice the stage bonus because it is highlighted in green.

Defeat rare characters to get bonuses

Beating these rare characters will quadruple your event points. This applies to the total points after you clear the stage. So if you got 100 PT, you will get 400 PT in total, just imagine meeting these rangers in hard mode of the event.

event stage guide

Exchange & Rewards

The whole point of farming event PT is to exchange them for useful items and characters in the exchange shop.

Limited items can only be purchased in the exchange shop. Additionally, the event PT can only be used throughout the duration of the event.

You cannot use these points in the next event, so make sure to exchange it within the event period.

There are limits on how many items or characters you can buy in the exchange per day. This is to prevent oversupply and abuse of the exchange system.


These are the list of items that you can purchase in the event exchange.

Item NameRequired PTRestrictions
Prism Hide10,000100 pcs
HL x 10,0002,000100 pcs

Reincarnation Gem

Item NameRequired PTRestrictions
Reincarnated gem (Lv1) x 501000100 pc
Reincarnation gem (Lv2) x 301,000100 pc
Reincarnation gem (Lv3) x 201,000100 pc
Human Reincarnation Gem (Lv1) x 301,500100 pc
Human Reincarnation Gem (Lv2) x 202,000100 pc
Human Reincarnation Gem (Lv3) x 102,500100 pc
Monster Reincarnation Gem (Lv1) x 301,500100 pc
Monster Reincarnation Gem (Lv2) x 202,000100 pc
Monster Reincarnation Gem (Lv3) x 102,500100 pc
Shining Reincarnation Gem (Lv1)2,500100 pc
Shining Reincarnation Gem (Lv2)3,000100 pc
Shining Reincarnation Gem (Lv3)5,000100 pc
Shining Reincarnation Gem (Lv4)7,500100 pc
Shining Reincarnation Gem (Lv5)10,000100 pc

These are the list of characters that you can purchase in the event exchange.

Character NameRequired PTRestrictions
Asuka Cranekick15,0001 pc
Asuka Cranekick75,0001 pc
Asuka Cranekick150,0001 pc
Asuka Cranekick500,0001 pc
Asuka Cranekick1,500,0001 pc
Skill Books and Statues

These are the list of skill books and statues that you can purchase in the event exchange.

Item NameRequired PTRestrictions
Skill Book (Lvl 1) x 34,50030 pcs
Skill Book (Lvl 2) x 39,0005 pcs
Skill Book (Lvl 3)10,0003 pcs
Sword Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Sword Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Sword Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Fist Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Fist Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Fist Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Spear Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Spear Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Spear Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Bow Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Bow Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Bow Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Gun Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Gun Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Gun Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Axe Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Axe Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Axe Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Staff Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Staff Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Staff Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Mon. Physical Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Mon. Physical Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Mon. Physical Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc
Mon. Magic Statue (Lvl 1)4,50030 pcs
Mon. Magic Statue (Lvl 2)9,0002 pcs
Mon. Magic Statue (Lvl 3)30,0001 pc

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