Disgaea RPG Weapon Mastery

This weapon mastery guide will talk about weapon affinity, mastery, and what do you get from weaponizing your character to the best of their ability.

What is weapon mastery?

Weapon mastery is basically the cap level for a character when they are acquired into your account.

Whatever rarity you character may have, they all have different weapon masteries that you can take up to certain levels to increase their stats with that infinity of weapon. You will also learn that there are skills that you can unlock at certain levels.

How does weapon mastery works?

Every single character that is summoned into the game, they have their own weapon master cap.

The highest being 10 and they have masteries for everything. Everything on that level from 1 to 10 that you can raise it by yourself. But, there are skills that can be learned at further levels (past level 10).

How to get those levels? And How to Allocate Mana?

ability cheats in disgaea rpg
You can allocate your mana on ability cheats and weapon mastery.

Upon reincarnating, you get 100 mana every single time you decided to reincarnate. You can allocate mana in Mao’s laboratory, these manas can be allocated for either increase stats for cheats or you can use it to basically up mastery level.

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After upping the mastery level, your character will get better stats and you will get the ability to learn those weapon-related skills that are beyond level 10.

Here’s a quick tip on mana allocation:

  • Don’t blow your mana as soon as you get it.
  • Focus on allocating those mana points in the Weapon Mastery tab because it gives you stats and more skills to mess with.

These tips are useful to certain characters that don’t have much skills to learn. Besides, you will be playing more manually than in auto mode in the later part of the game.

Weapon Mastery Priority

weapon mastery section in disgaea rpg
It is advisable to spend your mana in weapon mastery
  • Always go for the weapon mastery that have “forte” in. Because it’s obviously going to be their best weapons to use in Disgaea RPG.
  • Every single character has a “forte”, which is the weapon that your character is most comfortable with.
  • The lower the weapon mastery is the harder/slower it is going to acquire weapon mastery skills.
  • You should wait to allocate a big cost of mana whenever you get it. Try to save it as much as possible.

Full video of the guide by Jet Stingren


Weapon mastery is definitely something you want to get to help your characters on to getting those high DPS numbers.

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